Welcome to the Impossible Puzzle game! This is a slider puzzle and uses the mouse to grab pieces and move them about the board. [SPACE] will start a new game and reset the timer. Every time you reset the game, a new random puzzle will come up.
Our first Web Preview is now available to check out and play! The Impossible PuzzleGame is a slider puzzle where you have to solve puzzles as fast as you can. In this new preview mode, we only use one puzzle but later games will feature multi puzzles under one game. You will also be able to buy the full version in the Google Play store once the multi-puzzle app becomes available! For now, just click HERE to play the web game now! Please leave your feed back good or back on our facebook page at:
You may also email us at info@lsgamestudio.com as well
License: A Game by Will Zettler - Preview Version - Feb 19, 2018 This game may not be reused on other web sites without our express written permission. If you would like to use this on your own site, please contact us at info@lsgamestudio.com for license and pricing information. Thanks and enjoy!