We are a family owned and run game company based out of our home in Elwood, Indiana USA. We make our games in our spare time and would like to grow the business to include other areas like Motion Capture.
We have been working in gaming since 1999. We also have released over 50 ambient and music content packs for Indie devs. We have hundreds of texture and model packs on the market todate and we are on most of the prime game markets selling our content to the masses.
Our first game, built in 1986, went on to be downloaded and played by over 5,000 fans. Today, we have many more fans just waiting to grab our new game when it is released. We focus on fun when we design games.
The cast is as follows: Will Zettler, lead programming, art, sounds and marketing. Sam Zettler. Biggest supporter. Idea person and story portion. Meg Vautaw. Idea person, sound design and game testing. Abby Marsh. Art for her kids books, Game testor, idea person and blogger on youtube.